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Residential Treatment Center


The Concept

The Residential Treatment Center will enable an integrated model of residential programming designed to facilitate growth and treatment for youth in care.

The Facility 

This 12,600-sq.-ft. one-story building will include two main areas: Two 12-unit residential dorms, featuring private bedrooms and shared living/activity space; and a treatment services area including clinical, medical, and case-management services along with space designated for group and family treatment and therapy. A new outdoor recreation area will give residents varied extracurricular options in their own back yard.

The Services

  • Suite for care managers who assess, refer, and link children and families to other services
  • Nursing suite
  • Family visiting rooms
  • Clinical suite
  • Administration suite

The Dorms
Each dorm will feature:

  • 12 individual bedrooms
  • Shared living and activity areas
  • 3 private bathrooms
  • Team leader and direct care office space
  • Kitchen and dining area

The Result 

The new Residential Treatment Center will provide our youth with a modern place to live, learn, heal, and grow with the support of an Interdisciplinary team of clinical, therapeutic, childcare, medical, education, and support professionals while preserving their connections with the local community.