Branding & Identity

The importance of a brand cannot be overstated. It is simply the most important statement your company makes. Unfortunately, it’s also something that we often take for granted.

Your brand should permeate throughout the organization with every contact point to your clients, your customers, and your staff. The brand experience and the brand image should work together to provide a succinct, positive representation of your business.

Starting a Brand

When you are first starting out, seize the opportunity to take control of your brand. Make proactive efforts to shape the brand & image to suit your business. Ignoring this simple process is one of the greatest mistakes that new businesses make.

Solasus can help start your brand the right way. The real value of our services comes from having the expertise to build a brand, not just a logo. Too many marketing firms offer logo design services without providing the input to ensure long-term success. We’ll help you build a solid foundation that will support you for years to come.

Updating a Brand

As your business evolves, so should your brand. Every so often, even the strongest and most well-respected brands need to update themselves.

It is much like putting a fresh coat of paint on a wall. Some might say that it has been painted once. It doesn’t need any more. If you look closer, though, you’ll see the imperfections. Every wall, like every brand, needs a fresh coat of paint every once in a while.

To be sure, it is quite an undertaking to rework a brand that has been around a while, but it can produce significant results. A fresh face can put new life into your sales & marketing efforts. The key is to have a sound plan that is carefully executed.

The team at Solasus can make the transition smooth and painless. We’ll help you align the brand with your current business practices. Whether you have a specific goal in mind or would like us to provide some original concepts, we can provide the answer. More importantly, we’ll revitalize your brand while respecting the brand legacy.