At Northern Rivers, we stand behind our clients and our workforce. We work with individuals and families who face poverty, abuse, neglect, substance abuse, and behavioral health issues. These are some of society’s most vulnerable citizens, and we need the proper support in order to answer society’s call. We advocate for fully funded contracts, investment in infrastructure, and the resources to fund, train, and keep the quality employees our clients deserve. Click below for examples of our recent efforts.

Testimony - NYS Executive Budget Proposals for Mental Health 2018 02-13 - Gettman

Testimony - NYS Executive Budget Proposals for Human Services 2018 02-06 - Gettman

Testimony - Foster Parents and Caregivers 2017 12-14 - Gettman

White Paper - Improvement Strategies for Residential Care - May 2017  - Gettman

Testimony - Mental Hygiene 2017-2018 - Gettman

Testimony - Human Services 2017-2018 - Gettman