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Meet The Project Team

BHCC Project Team

A project like this requires a team of people to ensure that every aspect is well thought-out and that our clients get the top-quality facility they deserve. Leaders from across Northern Rivers are lending their expertise, including (L-R) David Rossetti, Chief Officer of Behavioral Health Services; Tabetha Zostant, Project Manager; Kim Cummins, Chief Officer of Residential and Foster Care; Audrey LaFrenier, President and Chief Operating Officer; Rich Gerardi, Chief Facilities Officer; Paul Stamas, Chief Information Officer; and Dave Keller, Director of Buildings and Grounds.


Zostant Tabetha


Tabetha Zostant, MBA
Project Manager, Campus Project

As Project Manager for the Campus Project, Tabetha Zostant plays a key role in the planning and monitoring of every phase of the campus projects. Additionally, she serves as a public representative of the project to the community.

She has an extensive and varied background in the human services industry. Before accepting this role, she served as Training Manager for Northern Rivers’ Sidney Albert Training and Research Institute (SATRI), where she oversaw the execution and management of numerous statewide training contracts. She joined the organization in 2008,  subsequently serving a variety of direct care, supervisory and training roles. She has also worked with the New York State Professional Development Program, delivering training on the CONNECTIONS Case Management System, casework practice, and other related subjects relevant to child welfare personnel in local Departments of Social Services and voluntary agencies.

Tabetha earned master's degree in Business Administration.

She is available to answer any additional questions and may be reached at 518.429.4459 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.