Strategy & Implementation

Too many times... clients have come to us at their wits end because they've been left with a website that is completely unusable and/or in the process have gone way over budget.

In each instance Solasus has stepped in and provided a solution which far exceeded the client's expectations and was delivered on time and under budget.

The Solasus Total Solution is a team approach. By harvesting the talents of our global team, virtually all of your online needs will be met.  From...

  • basic web design and ecommerce
  • to online education and training
  • to advanced distributed applications
  • to social media utilization ...  and beyond...

Although the nature of the internet enables businesses to operate globally, we feel our services are best utilized when we work closely with our clients. Therefore we prefer to have regularly scheduled phone, video conference, or face to face meetings to discuss ongoing projects and plan future strategy. Meetings can be arranged to meet your schedule and generally are on an ‘as needed’ basis.